February 18


Artisan Cheese Stores São Paulo, Day 2 Raizes de Minas

Our first stop after lunch was to visit Magno, at his store in the Ipiranga district: Falco e fizemos a primeira parada na loja do grande Magno

Raizes de Minas

Magno is an essential link in the chain that makes these wonderful cheeses available. He has a truck, and once a week drives up into Minas Gerais and collects the cheeses for his store and others. Otherwise, the only choice to get the cheeses from the rural farms is the post office, and that is incredible expensive and sadly unreliable.     Magno é um elo essencial na cadeia de suprimento para queijos artesanais de Minas. Ele tem um caminhão, e coletar os queijos nas zonas rurais, entregando para a loja dele, e outros.

Despite the renovations, the store is welcoming, filled with unique artisinal foods from Minas, like honey, jams, cheese and more...   Despieto o transtorno, a loja é charmosa, e cheia de gostosuras.

The famous truck Magno uses, which makes the wider distribution of these cheese treasures possible. He serves the network of specialty stores selling artisanal cheese in Rio and São Paulo, the two largest cities in Brazil.  A famosa caminhão de Magno. A carreta de esperança para os produtores rurais, e para a rede de lojas e clubes de queijo, disponibilizando esses tesouros no mercado de São Paulo e Rio.




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