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Cheese lovers are passionate. They love the aventure of finding a new cheese, hearing a new story about that cheese. They enjoy sharing with their friends and love to impress, not for status but for pleasure. They are quality of life people.

But good cheese can be expensive. When not in great shape, even more expensive. How do you know the best place to buy cheese where you live?, How about the best piece among the hundreds sold?

Not everyone has a cheese "boutique" with well trained cheesemongers near their home. (Though it is getting better) Many of us buy our cheese in supermarkets, and take risks. We are often dissappointed, that is, until we learn what I share in this course. 

So many types of cheese, and so many different cheeses, changing all the time, IS overwhelming. Clerks that do not share the same passion as you is frustrating. Abused cheese, even in gourmet stores, is such a waste. And misinformation about cheese online abounds. (One of the reasons we are so loyal to the cheese experts that helped us, is they are few and far between.)

So, how do you find delicious cheese among the hundreds on grocery shelves? How do you find that something special you have not yet tasted? How do you guess how a cheese will taste before trying it, or if you will like it? Especially when they are not sharing samples? What do you do if the only thing you have to go on is a sign on a supermarket wall of cheese? 

Then, when you finally find that special bit of cheese, how do you keep it creamy, unctuous, nutty and delicious when you get it home? (Especially when much of the information out there on how to store cheese is wrong.)

Without a good cheesemonger nearby, finding great cheese can be frustrating and expensive. Suffer no more! You will learn where to look and what to look for in a store, buying from a clerk or on a wall of cheese

In 1992, I was an accomplished Ritz-trained Chef. I thought I knew a lot about cheese. I knew the difference between a Brie and a Camembert, and how to cook with Port Salut, after all. The American Cheese Society had its annual conference in San Francisco that year. Entering into their Festival of Cheese for the first time, was overwhelming. I felt humbled. I realized I knew so little. 

So many shapes, colors and textures. So many different types of cheese!

At the time I was the Corporate Chef and Deli Director at Andronico's Markets in Berkeley, CA, in its glory days. I wanted to find the best cheese, and avoid buying the worst, for my  customers. As, we were not shy about our pricing, selling cheese too young, or when it was over the hill was a crime. We guaranteed flavor!

Our customers asked great questions, out of the blue. They asked about fat in cheese –was it safe to eat? What makes cheese Cheese? How to cook with it? What the heck is "Terroir." Why are there so many different shapes? Where does flavor come from? What kinds of milk? Tons of great questions.

So I set about to find answers, and I did, with the guidance of so many great cheesemakers, cheese technologists, professors, cheesemongers and more. I want the chance to do the same for you. My curiousity led to a 30 year love affair with cheese.

Join my course and I will guide you down the path to become a Cheese Expert sharing everything I have learned that is not available elsewhere so you too can become THAT person who at a party or a tasting has the knowledge to impress. THAT person who can find a fabulous cheese even in the most conventional of supermarkets. THAT person whose cheese is always in such good shape when they serve it at home: a Cheese Expert

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My promise to you

  • I will only share things I know to be true from my experience or solid research.
  • I will continually improve the course based on your input in the comments section at the bottom of every page.
  • I will listen and respond to you.
  • If I do not have the answer, I will  share other peoples work who do.
  • And I will guarantee your 100% satisfaction for 30 days after you enroll, and will reimburse you money in full if you are not.

We will travel in comfort with

direct to the point pragmatic Video Lectures

Each video presents a piece of the story, so you can watch at your convenience, repeat, slow it down and speed it up. History, health, lactose, rinds, shapes, cheese tasting, cheese platter tips and more... Everything you need to master cheese in a hurry!

"Clearly presented but in depth"

Aided by Top Notch Support Materials ready for download

Materials originally developed for food writers, farmers, Chefs, and the public, to help bridge the gap of information about really great cheese.

Practical downloadable eBook  on how to buy and store

Links to More Information , places to buy and Books on Cheese

Deepens your understanding, complements than competes with Books

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6 Modules, 30 Chapters, Vídeo lessons plus bonuses

  • Module 1: Intro
  •  2. Buying
  • 3. Storing
  • 4.  Tasting Cheese
  • 5. Pair, cook, serve
  • 6. Talk ABout
  • 7. Bonuses

Welcome to a World of Cheese

You will be guided through the wide wide wonderful world of cheese, learning about countries and their cheeses you never imagined, and learn some Cheese History. 

They took the class and said...

If looking for a cheese course, this is the one!

Finding good information about cheese is hard. But finding good information from someone that really knows what they are talking about is almost impossible. Dan is a unique person because he combines those two qualities. He has a vast experience about the cheese world and he's able to compile that in such a way that even non-experts can consume and learn from. If you're looking for a cheese course, this is the one.

Zeno Rocha

One Tip of Many

"One tip alone about storing cheese stopped it from drying out or becoming slimy. My cheese now tastes better, lasts longer and is much less messy to work with"

Debby Randolph

I LOVE this Class!

I Love this class! Cheese is a comfort food and this relaxed, visually rich and entertaining "comfort class" that opens a whole world... of amazing facts about cheese. I have always loved cheese but never understood anything about it. This relaxed and delightful class includes among the great visual aids and pictures, several charts of how all the cheeses we know are related. I had to pause them to study which cheeses are grouped together... often meaning I could search for many new options that are similar to what I already like. Very useful for shopping, trying new items, etc. Informative! Fun to watch!

Ron Masa

Dan Strongin

started as a Chef. He is a Ritz Carlton Hotel alumni. He pioneered restaurant quality food in upscale supermarkets in Northern California during the 1980's. His cheese departments at Andronicos earned national reputations. He was the first to feature an American Artisan Cheese Section in the department.

President of the American Cheese Society in the 1990´s. He became a consultant to the California Milk Advisory Board for over a decade. Working behind the scenes, he helped support the renaissance of American Artisan Cheese. Dan Carter chose him first for the Dairy Business Innovation Center of Wisconsin.

Currently, he lives in Rio de Janeiro. He consults, creates online courses, and co-coordinates the Brazilian Artisan Cheese Awards. For the last 12 years he has written a monthly column for the Cheese Reporter.

Fantastic Course

At first I thought, this is a good course with really good value for money. As I continued watching the videos and reading the material available to download I realised that actually it is a fantastic course with an abundance of knowledge available for the enthusiast as well as the professional. Would recommend to anyone who wants to learn about cheese


Wealth of Knowledge

“I am already about 20% of the way through your course (just shy of finishing the first section) and am very much enjoying it. Thank you very much for making this available. As I am watching these videos, I am finding myself wishing that I worked as a cheese monger so that I could talk about cheese all day.

Ryan Ward

Learned a lot

Learned a lot. The conductor is very passionate about the topic and transmits this to the listener. Thank you!

Enrique Gil

Enroll in my Ultimate Cheese Course... ONLINE  Buff up your cheese knowledge with solid information not  readily available elsewhere, and become a bonafide cheese expert. You can even get a certificate of participation to prove it.

Imagine how you will  be enjoy transforming from a curious cheese lover, to a passionate expert who digested the fruits of my 30 year love affair with cheese, and took it further. A veritable Turophile, able to find the best cheese in any situation, with a good idea of how it will taste and what its texture should be, even before trying, and the true facts, to call out any fake news about cheese.

or, you can do nothing. Put up with mediocre cheese. Continue feeling uncomfortable and passionately disappointed. You can continue losing cheese you keep at home and fall forever for the click bait fake news stories and misrepresentations online.  

Or, you can go right to buying at only $9.99

For little more than a couple pieces of gourmet cheese,  deepen your enjoyment for life, and learn to impress! But Hurry!

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