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Gourmet cheese can be expensive, and when not in great shape can be disappointing. How to know the best place to buy and the best piece among the hundreds sold? How to keep it creamy, unctuous, nutty and delicious  when you get it home? This course will help.

As an accomplished Ritz-trained Chef, I thought I knew a lot about cheese. But walking into the American Cheese Society's Festival of Cheeses in 1992 for the first time, greeted by thousands of different cheeses of all sizes, shapes, colors and textures, I knew right then and there, there was so much more to learn. 

With this knowledge, as a retailer, I worked hard to find the best and avoid buying the wrong cheese for my wonderful customers. We struggled daily to avoid selling it too young, or over the hill.  Our customers asked great questions, the kind only people new to a subject ask: fundamental ones. They asked me about fat in cheese –was it safe to eat? What makes cheese Cheese? How to cook with it? They inspired me to keep on learning, and now I am sharing what I learned over the last three decades  with you.

Cheese: How to Buy, Store, Taste, Pair, Talk About and Serve

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Online Course with vídeo lessons, ebooks, links, slides, available 24/7, on all your devices

What is in the Course that makes it Different:

​Rich, direct to the point Video Lectures

​Each video presents a piece of the ​story, so you can watch at your convenience, repeat, slow it down and speed it up. History, health, lactose, rinds, shapes, cheese tasting, cheese platter tips and more... ​Everything you need to master cheese in a hurry!

"Clearly presented but in depth"

Support Materials ready for download

Materials originally developed for food writers, farmers, Chefs, and the public, to help bridge the gap of information about really great cheese.

Practical downloadable eBook  on how to buy and store

Links to More Information , places to buy and Books on Cheese

Deepens your understanding, complements than competes with Books

6 Modules, 30 Chapters, Vídeo lessons plus bonuses

Click on the tabs below to see what you will get in each module.

  • Module 1: Intro
  •  2. Buying
  • 3. Storing
  • 4.  Tasting Cheese
  • 5. Pair, cook, serve
  • 6. Talk ABout
  • 7. Bonuses

Incredible Bonus Materials

Many of them hard to find, others only available through the course, each of them worth more than the cost of the course itself.

They took the class and said...

If looking for a cheese ocurse, this is the one!

Finding good information about cheese is hard. But finding good information from someone that really knows what they are talking about is almost impossible. Dan is a unique person because he combines those two qualities. He has a vast experience about the cheese world and he's able to compile that in such a way that even non-experts can consume and learn from. If you're looking for a cheese course, this is the one.

Zeno Rocha

One Tip of Many

"One tip alone about storing cheese stopped it from drying out or becoming slimy. My cheese now tastes better, lasts longer and is much less messy to work with"

Debby Randolph

I LOVE this Class!

I Love this class! Cheese is a comfort food and this relaxed, visually rich and entertaining "comfort class" that opens a whole world... of amazing facts about cheese. I have always loved cheese but never understood anything about it. This relaxed and delightful class includes among the great visual aids and pictures, several charts of how all the cheeses we know are related. I had to pause them to study which cheeses are grouped together... often meaning I could search for many new options that are similar to what I already like. Very useful for shopping, trying new items, etc. Informative! Fun to watch!

Ron Masa

Fantastic Course

At first I thought, this is a good course with really good value for money. As I continued watching the videos and reading the material available to download I realised that actually it is a fantastic course with an abundance of knowledge available for the enthusiast as well as the professional. Would recommend to anyone who wants to learn about cheese


Wealth of Knowledge

“I am already about 20% of the way through your course (just shy of finishing the first section) and am very much enjoying it. Thank you very much for making this available. As I am watching these videos, I am finding myself wishing that I worked as a cheese monger so that I could talk about cheese all day.

Ryan Ward

Learned a lot

Learned a lot. The conductor is very passionate about the topic and transmits this to the listener. Thank you!

Enrique Gil

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